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Pikeville College

March 31st, 2011

Pikeville College is a prestigious institution in America.

Quick Facts:

  • College Name: Pikeville College
  • Location: Pikeville, Kentucky
  • Website: Official Website

Are you ready to earn a degree from Pikeville College, Kentucky. Earning a college degree from this prestigious institution can surely boost your career. The Pikeville College is situated at Pikeville, Kentucky. There are almost 1000 students learning at Pikeville College. Before you select this college you may want to know the info listed below.
Pikeville College is in a remote location. Pikeville college was ranked one of the best small towns to live in America.. Pikeville College offers a number of course including Graduate degree programs, Master Degree and in some cases associate degrees. It is a Presbyterian college and campus .
You can get more details about this institution and their college degree programs online at http://www.pc.edu.

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